Screenshot of website

We are excited to launch our new Manchester School District websites! These new websites are a big step forward for our District. They include built-in language translation and increase accessibility for all users. The design is less cluttered and more accessible, and places an emphasis on news, updates and events. 

We invite you to start exploring, but before you do, here are some features we want to highlight:

  • Easy navigation: Every page of every site has a navigation bar across the top. From here, you can open the main menu, select your preferred language, or easily switch to a different school site. 

  • Built-in translation: Our new sites can translate into 25 other languages – you can switch the language using the drop-down menu at the top of the website.

  • News, updates and events: The main page for the District and each school has a section for News, Live Feed updates and calendar events. It’s a quick and easy way to catch up with what’s going on at your school.

  • Custom food menus: Want to know what’s for lunch at your school? Open the main menu and click the “Lunch Menus” icon to see what’s available the next two weeks. 

  • Consistent structure: Every one of our sites has a similar layout – this should make it easier to navigate if you’re going from one school to another. 

Our schools and District team have been working hard to get these new websites launched. We’re excited to continue improving your website experience. We hope you enjoy the new websites!