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La Fille du Régiment

YOUTHFUL REBELLION, FAMILY DRAMA, AND TENDER YOUNG LOVE— La Fille du Régiment is one of the greatest operatic comedies of all time. Set high in the Austrian Alps, Gaetano Donizetti’s work tells the story of Marie, an intrepid young orphan raised by a regiment of French soldiers. When the man of her dreams turns out to be a rebel fighting against the French “family” she has always known, Marie will have to overcome war, fatherly disapproval, and even the discovery of her own noble birth to make her own “happily ever after” ending come true. Read a summary of the plot here.

Met Opera Offers Free Student Performances - Coming up this week: La Fille du Régiment

Enjoy the Metropolitan Opera’s Free Student Streams! Each week, the Met will offer one opera specially selected for young audience members around the globe.

Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. through Friday, 5:00 p.m. - La Fille du Régiment

Watch the opera!

The Metropolitan Opera (the Met) is the largest classical music organization in North America. It presents about 27 different operas each year from late September through May. The operas are presented in a rotating repertory schedule, with up to seven performances of four different works staged each week.

Explore a Virtual Planetarium of the Manchester sky

Through Stellaruim Web, you can explore over 60,000 stars, locate planets, and watch sunrises and solar eclipses. If you enter your location, you can see all the constellations that are visible in the night sky in your corner of the world.

Welcome to our virtual flight around the world! Below you'll find a roster of segments that we've flown thus far since starting on May 1 from our home at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, N.H. Every two days, we'll post a new segment as we work our way around the globe. First we'll fly east to Europe via the historic "North Atlantic Ferry Route," taking us through Canada, Greenland, Iceland and then to Scotland. After that, we'll keep exploring until we return home sometime this summer.

Join The Aviation Museum of NH for the ultimate field trip! The Aviation Museum's virtual around-the-world flight is now underway, taking us places all around the globe. Come along as we put the "distance" in distance learning!

Check out the first leg of the journey here!

Catch up with the current leg of the journey here.

New segments will be posted every 2 days. Check back soon for updates!

Check out the live animal cams, explore the exhibits, enjoy daily diver shows, learn about the animals in the care and more with videos recorded at the Seattle Aquarium.

Visit The Vatican City in Rome

The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and Raphael's Room, are just some of the sites you can see on the Vatican Museum's virtual tour.

Visit the Louvre and see Egyptian artifacts.

You don't have to book a ticket to Paris to check out some of the famous pieces in the world's largest art museum. The Louvre has free online tours of three famous exhibits.

Visit the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

The Zoo's live animal webcams make it easy to check in with African lions, Asian elephants, giant pandas and naked mole-rats, even when the Zoo is closed.

Have you ever checked out the Millyard Museum in Manchester? Now is a great time for a virtual tour!

Another Amazing thing in the Millyard.......The LEGO® Millyard Project at the SEE Science Center. The largest permanent installation of LEGO® bricks at mini-figure scale in the world. This next video is a brief overview of the types of machinery used at Amoskeag Manufacturing company to make cloth. And a closer look at the models built to illustrate the process.

Want to visit for free when things open back up? The Manchester Public Library has passes just for you! It's free to join the library, and free to use the passes (passes are good for your whole family)!