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Southside Reads about Fake News:

The real secrets behind the irresistible urge to "CLICK HERE!"

We know today that it is more important than ever to be able to spot "fake news", but why do news sites use fake news?

The answer is pretty make money! As far back as 1835 we see examples of fake news.

In New York City, Richard Adams Locke told the world a fabulous story about the discovery of life on the moon! His newspaper, The Sun, lured readers with a fantastic story about the creatures that had been discovered on the moon, unicorns and horned bears just to name a few.

Obviously not everyone was convinced that his story was true, but this is the first time we see someone publishing information as "Fact" to sell more papers.

Southside Reads about Heroes......Why do people act heroically?

The speaker explains the beauty of a noble death.

Jackie Robinson advocated for racial justice throughout his life, despite the possibility of facing severe consequences.

Theseus risks his life to save the lives of his people.

Harriet Tubman risked her freedom and life to help African Americans escape slavery.

Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank from the Nazis, preferred not to be called a hero. She acted bravely to avoid the regret of doing nothing.

Ida B. Wells worked to bring attention to racial injustice and lynching in the American South, despite facing death threats and many setbacks.

The speaker commands his heart to be resilient and hopeful in difficult times, especially when fighting for something that is “right” or just.

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