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Current Event Corner: What is happening in the world around you?

How friendships thrived in video games during the pandemic

Hugh-Jay Yu is hours away from his family. He lives alone at college without in-person classes, and rarely sees a friend in person. Yet he has a really active social life.

Every night, the college sophomore hangs out with a group of friends on a chat and audio app. Around six to eight people are logged in at any given time. Yu says the games they play are helping everyone to bond.

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Fin whales could help scientists map what lies below the seafloors

Some whales are loud. Really, really loud. Their calls are strong enough to penetrate into rock beneath the seafloor, a new study finds. And the echoes of those songs bouncing off the rocks can help reveal the structure of the Earth's crust.Two scientists reported the results February 12 in Science.Seismologists Václav Kuna and John Nábělek are interested in the structure of the rock layers beneath the seafloor.Read article.

How a ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, and then freed

On March 23, one of the largest ships in the world became stuck sideways in the Suez Canal. The canal is one of the world's most important and busiest shipping waterways. Ships use it to transport goods all over the world.

The trapped ship, named Ever Given, blocked the canal, causing a traffic jam of cargo ships waiting to make it through. The cargo ships were unable to reach their destinations. This affected the prices of products around the world.

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Mars helicopter Ingenuity carries piece of Wright Brothers' famous plane

NASA's new rover, named Perseverance, landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. Mars is a neighboring planet in our solar system. The rover is a robotic vehicle used for exploration. Perseverance landed in a region called the Jezero Crater. Billions of years ago, it was full of water. The rover's main jobs are to hunt for signs of ancient life inside the crater and to collect and store samples for future return to Earth.

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