Mrs. Milligan's Message ~ 3/22/19

Mrs. Milligan's Message ~ 03/22/19

Next PSG Meeting- April 4 @ 6:30 in the Southside cafe
SOUTHSIDE ADDRESS CHANGE- Effective February 26, 2019 our address will officially change to: 300 South Jewett Street, Manchester, NH 03103.

Attention 6th Grade Parents

GEAR UP Kick Off Event for 6th GradersMarch 27, 2019 – 10am to 1pmHampshire Dome, Milford, NH

Attention 7th Grade Parents

GEAR UP Kick Off Event for 7th GradersMarch 26, 2019 – 10am to 1pmHampshire Dome, Milford, NH

Project Based Learning

Students in Mrs. Edwards 6th grade language arts class presented their project based learning projects.
Suggested Rules for Teen Cell Phone Usage Cell Phone misuse both inside and outside of school is having a negative social and academic impact on our students here at Southside. Without clear guidelines, many teens struggle to handle the responsibility of owning a smartphone and using social media apps (Snapchat and Instagram in particular). So it's important to establish rules that will help your teen make healthy choices.
No Cellphone Use Before SchoolMost teens don’t have much time to spare before school and texting or surfing social media can waste a lot of precious minutes. So start the day off right by saying, "No phones in the morning."
If your teen happens to get ready early, you might consider allowing him to use his smartphone for a few minutes as a privilege before he heads out the door.
Follow the School Rules Cell Phones are not allowed during the school day at Southside with the exception of lunchtime or when staff has received permission from administration for instructional purposes. If your teen gets in trouble at school for using his cell phone when he's not supposed to, support their discipline policy.After all, it's important for your teen to learn he'll need to honor the cell phone policy of future employer's or college professors as well and it's an important life lesson to learn.
No Cell Phones at the Dinner TableDon’t allow anyone to use their phones during meals. And practice being a good role model. Don't respond to text messages or emails while you're eating. Teach your child appropriate cell phone etiquette.
No Cell Phones During Family TimeStress the importance of interacting with one another in-person. Make it clear that during family activities, cell phone use is prohibited.
Whether you’re visiting with extended family or you’re playing a game of catch, discourage bad cell phone habits, like ignoring friends to text someone who isn't present.
No Cell Phone Use During Homework TimeReplying to text messages or keeping up with social media can be a huge distraction for teens who are trying to study.
Set limits on cellphone use during homework time, especially if your teen’s grades are suffering.
The Cell Phone Must Be Turned in Before BedtimeThere really isn’t a good reason why a teen would need her phone during the wee hours of the morning. Teens who keep their phones in their rooms at night are likely to respond to text messages or social media updates in the middle of the night and it can interfere with your teen's sleep.
Although there are several reasons why teens shouldn't sleep with smartphones in their bedrooms, one main reason the pressure many teens feel to respond to messages at all hours of the night.
You can take that pressure off by establishing a rule that says phones aren't allowed in your teen's room overnight.
Establish a rule that clearly states what time the phone must be turned off in the evening. Then, charge the phone in a common area of the home, such as in the kitchen.
No Cell Phones in Bedrooms or BathroomMany teens just aren’t ready to handle the responsibility of having a cell phone in their bedrooms or bathroom. They may not be able to resist risky behavior such as sexting or downloading inappropriate content.
Restricting your teen from using his phone in his bedroom can seem extreme, but for some families, it can be the best way to teach appropriate cell phone use.
Monitor, Monitor, Monitor! All the wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) offer parental control options, so those are worth checking out. Some of them may already be included depending on your plan. This is a page that lists the major services with links to their webpages:
Remember that the cell phone services may not block or monitor activity over WiFi. If your teen has an iPhone and uses iMessage for texting other friends with iPhones (or iPads or iPods) you may need to look into some of the other options.

Fuel Up to Play 60

Fuel-up to play 60 presented some of the great things Southside is doing at the District Wellness Meeting.

Kindness Recognition

Michael Flury helped one of our 6th grade students by carrying his bike and helping him to secure it in the morning. Thank you for being kind Michael.

Superintendent Search

If you were unable to attend the Forums and would like to give the Superintendent Search Firm feedback, please used the following links:
The survey will open on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.
The survey will close on Wednesday, April 3, 2019.

Guidance Link

Please review the link below for information on the dangers of vaping.

Spirit Week Information

March 25-29, 2019Monday- Sports Day (hats included) Tuesday- Tie Dye DayWednesday- Superhero DayThursday- Throwback Thursday (you pick what decade to dress as) 50's 60/70's and or 80's HAVE FUN AS A TEAM :)Friday- Disney Day

Family ID

Family ID is now open for spring registration for track and field and flag football.

8th Grade Schedule of Events

4/8-4/12- NHSAS Testing4/9- 8th Grade Fundraiser at 5 Guys 4/11- Report cards go home5/9- Progress reports go home5/7-5/9- Band, Chorus, Orchestra Concerts5/15- NH Fishercats Field Trip5/17- Firefighter Challenge Curriculum Day5/21- Tentative Firefighter Challenge Event at Memorial Field5/24- Memorial Day Assembly and Walk Against Hunger Event5/27- Memorial Day Parade5/29-Honors Dinner @ 6:00 in Southside Cafe’6/4- Tentative Firefighter Challenge City Competition6/6- 8th Grade Field Trip to Canobie Lake Park6/7- 8th Grade Field Trip to Canobie Lake Park rain date6-8:30- 8th Grade Dance6/10- Awards Day and High School Clap Out6:00-7:30- Spring Sports Banquet6/11- Promotion Practice and 8th Grade BBQ6/12- Promotion Practice and 8th Grade Clap Out6:00 Promotion Night at Memorial High School6/13- Last Day for All Students
Below is the Facebook link for the 8th grade dance and bbq. Please take a look!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 26th

7th grade Gear Up field trip

Wednesday, March 27th

6th grade Gear Up field trip

Friday, March 29th

Grade level Assemblies (Talent Show)