Mrs. Milligan's Message ~ 1/11/19

Mrs. Milligan's Message ~ 1/11/19

Southside Website

Please go to the Southside Website to access information and resources including the winter sports schedule.

Staff Member of the Month

January’s Staff Member of the Month is Kim Dittbenner.

“ Mrs. Dittbenner is an excellent special education case manager. She knows her stuff and is very good at what she does. She is an asset to my period 3 class. She is eager to teach the students and doesn’t hesitate to sit with a group of them to help them understand the material. I am grateful to have her in my classroom on a daily basis and the students are lucky to have here there as well. Having the background in special education myself, Mrs. Dittbenner and I bounce ideas off of each other or figure out different/easier strategies to help the students understand. Mrs. Dittbenner always goes above and beyond with her expertise and that is why I believe she is the teacher of the month.”

“Mrs. Dittbenner goes above and beyond with time and effort for her caseload, through reviews of student records, timely and complete paperwork, patience and kindness, with both students and staff. She advocates often for needed change, and responds positively to constructive feedback immediately! I love that she thinks creatively and truly individualized her supports for students’ best interests.”

i-Ready Goals

I read through each and every one of your child’s i-Ready goals sheets and can honestly say I was very impressed with the strategies they listed to improve their i-Ready scores and learning at school in general. I made a list of the strategies they shared for reading and math for you to encourage as we move through the upcoming i-Ready testing and remainder of the school year. I believe that each student can improve and look forward to reviewing their progress after testing.

To Improve in Language Arts

  • Practice vocabulary
  • Read more in my free time
  • Use
  • Read more slowly to understand
  • Study for tests
  • Challenge myself to read harder books
  • Try/Do my best
  • Stay after school for extra help
  • Do all of my classwork
  • Use resources/tools
  • Look for keywords and text clues
  • Read captions
  • Pay attention to heading and bold lettering
  • Use context clues to figure out meaning and difficult words
  • Do not skip questions
  • Come to school consistently
  • Check my answers
  • Research what stories are about (subplot)
  • Preview the reading first and look for reading in the margins
  • Go back and reread if I get confused
  • Ask myself “what do I already know about this topic?”

To Improve in Math

  • Do my math homework
  • Review my math notes
  • Study for math tests
  • Ask for help/clarification when I don’t know
  • Ask my parents for sample problems
  • Pay more attention in class/ Don’t zone out
  • Slow down/ Take my time
  • Practice
  • Read Questions carefully/Reread
  • Think Harder
  • Do more math on paper
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Do extra credit
  • Double check my work and ask “does this make sense?”
  • Read all the way through the questions
  • Stay after school for extra help
  • Use resources/tools
  • Do not skip questions
  • Come to school consistently
  • Draw to visualize math
  • Organize data in charts and on graphs
  • Find a math partner
  • Ask myself “what do I already know about this problem?”

i-Ready Testing Dates

Grade 8- January 15th & 16th

Grade 7- January 17th & 18th

Grade 6-January 22th & 23rd

Please be sure your child gets a good night’s rest and eats breakfast. This assessment is very important and will help us to make informed decisions about your child’s needs.

Southside First Tech Challenge Robotics team # 12494

Southside’s First Tech Robotics Team have been building their robot car since the beginning of the school year. On Saturday, January 26 at 8:30 - 2:00 pm, we have a scrimmage at Parkside Middle School with other Manchester middle schools and other First Tech Challenge teams in the state of NH. Our state championship competition is Saturday, February 2 at Southern New Hampshire University. Good luck to our First Tech Robotics Team!

Vaping and Juuling Fact Sheet

Below is some information on a dangerous trend among middle school students. We are seeing an increase in reports of students using these products and want families to be aware of the facts.

  1. Vapes and Juuls contain Nicotine. Both are NOT regulated by the FDA until 2021.
  2. Vaping delivers nicotine to the brain in 10 seconds (this makes teens more susceptible to addiction).
  3. Teens are more likely to try vaping than smoke cigarettes because of its marketability and easy access. Vapes come in many flavors that are attractive to teenagers.
  4. 1 juul pod contains the equivalent of 20 cigarettes!
  5. The flavor cartridges contain antifreeze, aluminum, nickel and formaldehyde.
  6. When you exhale after consuming vapes/Juul pods, the leftover chemicals coat the lungs and can lead to an increase in pneumonia outbreaks.
  7. Vaping is a gateway to smoking cigarettes because of the cost.
  8. Juuling is a brand of e-cigarettes.

Additional Resources:

Surgeon General’s “Know the Risks” Website

CDC’s “Electronic Cigarettes” Website

Surgeon General’s Report on E-Cigarette Use Among Youth and Youth Adults

7th Grade Science Rocks!

A Whole New Planet- Students in 7th grade science class collaborated to answer the following questions: What makes a planet livable? Why are we able to live on Earth? What are the reasons that we are able to live on Earth? and What are the justifications for your reasons? To answer these questions students researched planet Earth and figured out what humans need to survive on this planet. Students then created a new found planet and created a project to share the information about their planet.

ACCESS Testing

On January 29th ACCESS testing will begin for all EL students. ACCESS is the annual assessment of language proficiency in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking and is required per state and federal law.

Donations Needed

We are seeking donations of a service or an item for our annual Comedy silent auction. Southside Middle School will hold an annual staff event and silent auction on Friday, March 22nd.. The money raised at this event helps to fund field trips and to provide school supplies for students to use in the classroom. It also enables funding for classroom items such as materials to be used with science labs. Please contact Mrs. Milligan if you would like to make a donation.


MST Deadline

The MST application deadline is January 30, 2019.

MST Open House January 26, 2019.

Upcoming Events

Friday, January 11th-Boys and Girls A BBall- @ Woodbury

Monday, January 14th 8am- Yearbook team and group pictures

Boys and Girls A BBall @ Home

Tuesday, January 15th- Boys and Girls B Bball @ Home

Thursday, January 17th- Girls and Boys A Ball @ Elm St

Boys and Girls B Bball @ Hillside

Friday, January 18th- Girls and Boys A @ Home