Mrs. Milligan's Message 05/31/19

Mrs. Milligan's Message ~ 05/31/19

Staff Member of the Month - Helen Chagnon

Mrs. Chagnon is a kind, nice teacher and she goes out of her way to solve students problems and help them with improving behavior. I have her for 2 classes and she is the best teacher!! She is the chorus teacher at Southside Middle School and follows the 4 C's. She is a super fun teacher to be around. She always has a positive attitude. Mrs. Chagnon is an amazing singer and piano player. You can ask anybody in Chorus or Select Choir and for the most part they will say the same! Mrs. Chagnon has a very positive attitude. Her room makes all her students feel safe. She doesn't pick favorites and treats everyone equally. Everyone in chorus has a bond and feels that her room makes people relaxed and safe. If something is going on in your family or in classes you can talk to Mrs. Chagnon and you will feel much better! She also has team days. At the beginning of each quarter we pick new teams. The teams exist of 3 to 7 people. You learn new people and get to build teamwork. she also does solos. You have to audition in front of your chorus grade and Mrs. Chagnon picks and chooses who fits for what solo. If you don't get a solo, then you can try next time. Through the school year we have 2 concerts. A winter concert and a spring concert. There is the 6th grade beginning choir and the concert choir which consists of the 7th grade chorus and the 8th grade chorus. The National Anthem is sung by the Select Choir. Mrs. Chagnon gives opportunities that other schools don't have. For example, Select Choir, team days and fundraisers. Those are just some fun things about Mrs. Chagnon. I could go on and on. In conclusion, Mrs. Chagnon is the best teacher at Southside Middle School. - Southside Student

Dance Tickets

We will be selling dance tickets in the cafe during 8th grade lunch on Monday and Tuesday. Cost is $6.00 per ticket.

Promotion Night

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 6:30

Memorial High School Gymnasium

  • Promotion Night tickets will be send home on the Tuesday, June 11th. 4 tickets will be allotted for each family. We will not have additional tickets. If you need additional tickets we ask that you check with other families who may not need them.
  • Each student will receive 4 tickets per family- There will be no entrance without a ticket. Strollers will not be allowed in the gym. Only children under 2 years old may sit on a family member’s lap, all others will need a ticket.


Our Southside track team won the State D2 Championship on Wednesday in Amherst. Southside's Track team is often made up of students who want to use track to stay in shape for another sport or trying out the sport for the first time. This years track team tackled some of the largest obstacles thrown our way. We didn't have our own track to have a meet so many times younger athletes couldn't compete at events, but stayed with the team. So much so that we had four 6th graders qualify for the Division II Championships. This year’s team holds so many triumphs to boast about with our top athletes going undefeated all season or setting records across Tri-County. But the one thing this team stands for is it's standing for one another. Doing one's part to be part of the bigger picture. Winning Tri-County Championships was a family effort and we thank both Staff, Admin., Coaches and Parents for all your support through a great season! SOUTHSIDE --- YOU KNOW!

Rutgers Country Projects

Rutgers students spend several weeks creating their own countries, including the economic structure, biomes, religion, political structure, tourism and marketing. All of the students did a wonderful job developing and presenting their countries to students and staff.

Fuel Up To Play 60

This past week, Southside was invited to Gillette Stadium to take part in a special event, Ultimate Field Day Challenge sponsored by Fuel Up to Play 60. Students got to participate in fun interactive sessions focused on healthy eating habits, team building and physical activity.

Southside took 1st place in the Middle School category and tied for 1st place overall. We are proud to say that our students applied the four C's throughout the day, we even saw them cheering-on other competing schools. Great job to our Fuel Up to Play 60 team!

Southside Honors Dinner

Southside celebrated students who had achieved 11 consecutive honors during their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years on Wednesday evening. It was an evening full of pride, laughter, and great food. Congratulations to all of our students for such an amazing accomplishment!

Southside Style Studio

Southside’s Style Studio is up and running. We have various sizes of men’s and women’s clothing including pants, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. Students who are in need of clothing or families wishing to donate gently used clothing can contact Ms. Haydock in the main office.

Manchester Memorial Day Parade

The Southside Marching Band was loud and proud as they marched down Elm Street on Monday. The succinct sound of our students playing military songs could be heard for miles. Way to go Southside!