Teams, Unified Arts and Student Support

6th Grade
Mr. Jutras' Math Class Website
Ms. Gelinas' Special Education Class Website

Ms. Gelinas' Special Education Class Website

Ms. Livingston's Science Class Website
Mr. Halfpenney's Special Education Class Website

7th Grade
Ms. Taha's English Language Arts Class Website
 Ms. Bergeron-Rosa's Social Studies Class Website
Mr. Perez's Special Education Class Website

Unified Arts
Family and Consumer Science
Ms. Piotrowski's Class Website

Ms. Lougee's Class Website

Library Media Center (Media Science)

Ms. Chagnon
Mr. Hammond
Mr. Mancuso

Physical Education
Ms. Feeley
Mr. Criscone

Mrs. Rogers' Class Website

Technology Education

Student Support
English Language Learners

Mrs. Gardner's Website
Ms. Hoberman's Website

Multi Sensory Reading
 Mrs. Benton-Norris' Website



Student Assistance Program
Ms. McCarthy's Website

School Nurse
Ms. Huntley's Website

School Psychologist

School Resource Officer
Detective Abruzese's Website

Speech Pathologist 
Mrs. O'Sullivan's Website 

Social Worker
Mrs. Cooper-Jennings' Website

21st Century
Mrs. Hetzel's Website