Middle School Leveling

What is leveling? Leveling is an effort to group students by demonstrated abilities.

Criteria for Determining Levels

Students’ levels are determined by using District assessment results, New England Common Assessment (NECAP) assessment results, and teacher recommendations. The students’ results for the District assessments, NECAP, and teacher recommendations are aligned with New Hampshire’s rating scale of:

• L1 is “Substantially Below Proficient”
• L2 is “Below Proficient”
• L3 is “Proficient”
• L4 is “Proficient with Distinction”

Reading, Writing, and Mathematics are divided into three levels. Click HERE for information on course codes for leveled courses.

• L1
• L2/L3
• L4

Flexible Grouping: Students’ levels are flexible with student performance determining any change. A student may move up or down a level at any point throughout the school year. Changes in levels are determined by the classroom teacher and approved by the building principal.