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Jennifer Gillis
 Don Menswar 
 Assistant Principal
Jessica Milligan  
 Assistant Principal of Student Services

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Abruzese, Mike Student Resource Officier   
Amirault, Linda Educational Assistant   
Amlaw, Bonnie Educational Assistant   
Anderson, Shane Wolves Special Education - Emotional Behavioral  
Benjamin, Kelly 6 Scorpions Special Education  
Bilodeau, Maurice Educational Assistant   
Bobola, Megan 7 Wolves Social Studies  
Boucher, Donna Administrative Assistant  
Brand, Rebecca 7 Kangaroos English Language Arts  
Bridges, Heather Library Media Specialist  
Cadieux, Jennifer 6 Sharks Math  
Campbell, Debra 6 Tigers English Language Arts  
Carlson, Colleen 6 Scorpions English Language Arts  
Carlson, Kathy Emotional Behavioral Counselor  
Carmona, Alex Educational Assistant   
Caruso, Valerie Psychologist  
Chagnon, Helen Music - Chorus  
Connor, Pam Educational Assistant   
Cooperider, Nancy Computers  
Criscone, Rocco Physical Education  
Cyr, Karen 6 Sharks Social Studies  
Delani, Nicole Educational Assistant   
Dittbenner, Kim 6 Sharks Special Education  
Dubisz, Julia 8 Big Dogs English Language Arts  
Edwards, Jenna 6 Sharks English Language Arts  
Emile, Kynette Educational Assistant   
English, Adena 6 Sharks Science  
Ercha, Kendra 7 Bears English Language Arts  
Erickson, David 7 Wolves Science  
Feeley, Malissa Family and Consumer Science  
Gardner, Amanda 7 Bears Math  
Gardner, Jane Guidance  
Gelinas, Rebecca Special Education - EH Inclusion rgelinas@  
Gillis, Jennifer Principal  
Halfpenney, Garret Tigers Special Education -CI  
Hammond, Matt Music - Band  
Hayward, Julie Reading Xtra  
Hebert, Karen Educational Assistant   
Hedge, Dave Student Assistance Program  
Hetzel, Ann Marie 21st Century  
Hoberman, Maegan Guidance  
Jalbert, Erin 7 Kangaroos Math  
Jalbert, Erin 7 Kangaroos Special Education  
Jarvis, Jeff 7 Bears Special Education  
Keddie, Susan English Language Learners  
Lamson, Lee Technology Education  
Landroche, Kathleen 6 Tigers Social Studies  
Landry, Amy 6 Scorpions Social Studies  
LeBrun, Gina 8 Lynx Special Education  
Leeman, Katarina 8 Lynx Science  
Libby, Rebecca Guidance  
Lotz, Amanda 8 Puma Science  
Makara Elaine 8 Lynx English Language Arts  
Mancuso, Christopher Music - Orchestra  
Marescia, Frank Educational Assistant   
Matarazzo, Brenna Physical Education  
McAllister, Rosemary Educational Assistant   
McGuiggin, Regina Art  
McMahon, Patricia 8 Big Dogs Social Studies  
Mendoza, Kathy Multi Sensory Reading  
Menswar, Don Assistant Principal  
Milligan, Jessica Assistant Principal  
Morriarity, Tara Educational Assistant   
Nee, Deanna 8 Big Dogs Special Education  
Neil, Roberta Art  
Nichols, Anne 6 Scorpions Science  
Norton, Caroline M. 6 Scorpions Math  
O'Sullivan, Debbie Speech Pathologist  
Partin, Michelle 7 Wolves Math  
Perezcastaneda, Clyde Educational Assistant   
Perry, Kevin 8 Puma Special Education  
Peterson, Kristen 8 Lynx Social Studies  
Rocca, Stacy 7 Kangaroos Social Studies  
Rogers, Heather 8 Lynx Math  
Sacco, Joanne 6 Tigers Math  
Sebastien, Noella  Special Education - OG  
Shannon, Tim 8 Puma Social Studies  
Simard, Mike 8 Big Dogs Math  
Smith, Beth Educational Assistant   
Smith, Shaunna Art  
Sullivan, Judy Administrative Assistant  
Sullivan, Martin 7 Bears Science  
Taha, Viyan 7 Wolves English Language Arts  
Turgeon, Glenn 8 Puma English Language Arts  
Weld, Randy 8 Big Dogs Science  
Woods, David Paraprofessional  
Woodworth, Robert Wolves Special Education - Emotional Behavioral  
Zioze, Haidy 7 Kangaroos Science  
Showing 88 items