FIRST Lego League

FIRST Lego League Research

Our local competition is on Saturday 11/18 at Hillside Middle School.  This years challenge was about HydroDynamics.  This is our research about groundwater and water banks.

FLL Research Presentation 2017

FIRST Lego League - Sports for the Mind

Ms. Leeman, Advisor

For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

A group of ten students meet after school two or three times/week in order to design, build, and program robots built with Lego's.  They will also need to complete a research project and practice the FLL Core Values with Teamwork in order to participate in a state wide competition which is held in December.

Sign ups are in early September. See Miss Leeman in room G-13 if interested.

Southside's 2013 FIRST Lego League Team wins Mechanical Design Award at NH State Tournament

Attention Southside Students & Faculty, your FIRST Lego League team – The Southside Spartans - represented the school with great pride and enthusiasm by winning one of the top awards for this year’s FLL Nature’s Fury Tournament held at Nashua High School South on Saturday.

 Their robot was designed for precision and performed well at the challenge table.  They were one mission short of a perfect score.  After round one we were in second place with our robot, the Moving Fortress scoring 438 points, during round two and three we ran into programming difficulty but our robot did not let us down.  We were in third place when all of the robot rounds were completed.  Carl Mills, Dan Mondor, Sean Durocher and Lucas Reinhold did a fantastic job at the competition table.

 We then had to present our research on Tsunami’s.  James Mondor wrote a fantastic skit allowing the team to share their knowledge about tsunami’s with the judges. 

Erol Divanefendic and Ethan Colby drew informative posters that impressed the judges.  Ethan and Lucas also built a Lego model of the Japanese community affected by the tsunami.  The team designed a Tsunami Warning System that would hang in individual houses for their solution.  During the question and answer section, all team members jumped right in, continuing to answer questions correctly and earning more points for themselves.

 Damian Carmody and Jalen Dorsey did a great job wishing our team and other teams good luck at the challenge table.  Jalen and Damian were so enthusiastic that their picture was published in the Nashua Telegraph.

 The judges also were impressed with out robot, the Moving Fortress and how it was designed allowing it to complete the different missions with accuracy.  Their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to Sports for the Mind paid off by winning one of the Top Awards - Mechanical Design

This award recognizes a team that designs and develops a mechanically sound robot that is durable, efficient and highly capable of performing challenge missions.

Congratulations to Carl Mills, Dan Mondor, Sean Durocher, Lukas Reinhold, Ethan Colby, Erol Divanefendic, James Mondor, Damian Carmody and Jalen Dorsey for an outstanding job.  You made Ms. Leeman and the Southside Community Proud.